We Are Making Better Happen

Overall Juvenile Crime Rates in Lawrence declined in 2018

 - The SISU Program served 193 High Risk Lawrence Young People Providing Alternative Education, Workforce Development and Vocational Training, and Social/Emotional and Mental Health Services.

- SISU Launched the SWAG (SISU Women's Advocacy Group) Providing
Much Needed Services and Programming for High Risk Young Women

 -  LFD awarded Lawrence 8th Graders $1.5 million in Scholarships and Financial Aid to 4 Year Private High Schools 

1 in 3 Workers in Lawrence is Foriegn Born

-  The Quintana Center Provided ESL and/or Citizenship Programming for 359 Students in FY18 

-329 Students Completed an ESL Class & 74% Show Improvement

- Quintana Center Assisted 4 New American Citizens with the Naturalization Process


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