GRIT logoThe Gang Resistance and Intervention Team (GRIT)  provides services for the City’s vulnerable 13 to 16 year old population. GRIT will offer a three-tiered direct intervention to the most proven risk adolescents in the City of Lawrence. GRIT will specifically target young people who are referred by the Lawrence Police Department, the Lawrence Juvenile Court, Juvenile Probation, or the Department of Youth Services. 

  • Tier 1 web      outreach4  
    Identify - Locate - Engage
    • Establish Rules & Expectations: Clear Expectations for Programming and Community

    • Maintain Appropriate Behaviors: Follow Rules and Maintain Order

    • Positive Reinforcement Strategies: Raffles, Incentives, Tier Mobility

    • Recreation: Ping Pong, Pool, Video Games

    • Tutoring & Homework: Staff Supervised Assistance with Homework and Academics

    • Dinner Service: Dinner Prepared & Served Nightly at SISU Center
  • Tier 2 web      shop  

    Positive Reinforcement -

    Social-Emotional Development

    • Develop Individual Service Plan: Strengths Based Case Management Plan

    • Create Goals & Benchmarks: Identify Long Term Reach, Create Realistic Benchmarks,
      Address Immediate Needs

    • Structured Activities: Rock Climbing Club, SISU Recording Studio, Wood Shop Program
    • Social-Emotional Support: Participation in Peer Support Groups

    • Disengage from Negative Influences: Provide Positive Supports & Create Plan to Move
      Beyond Gang Involvement
  • Tier 3 web          
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    Flexibility - Opportunity - Support
    • Assessment: Complete ORAS Risk Assessment 

    • Social Emotional Supports: Mental Health and Social Emotional Individual & Group Work

    • Workforce Development: Work Towards Earning Stipends & Certifications

    • Community Service: Participate in Projects to Impact Neighborhoods

    • Field Trips: Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston Red Sox, Zip Lining

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