News and Updates

  • SISU Virtual Journaling Class
  • SISU Virtual Fitness Training 
  • SISU Outreach Team Deliver
    Supplies Weekly
  • Lawrence Prospera is providing weekly
    care packages of food and supplies to
    families in need. 
  • SISU Outreach Team Deliver 
    Supplies Weekly
  • SISU is providing diapers and formula
    to our young parents
  • Lawrence Prospera leadership meet twice a week via Zoom to ensure vital services continue
  • SISU Outreach Team continue to work addressing community violence during the quarantine
  • The SISU Case Management Team are
    conducting regular individual and
    group check ins via Zoom. 
  • Casa Dominicana ESL Classes have
    embraced remote learning
  • Casa Dominicana ESL Classes have
    embraced remote learning
  • SISU Outreach Workers are grateful for
    donated homemade masks
  • SISU Outreach Workers are grateful for 
    donated homemade masks
  • The Quintana Center Citizenship Classes continue over Zoom
    With the ongoing crisis continuing to take a toll on families in Lawrence, Lawrence Prospera is working remotely to help our clients and participants weather this time of uncertainty and attempt to maintain some sense of structure. 
    We continue to provide remote programming via Zoom as well as weekly care packages for our SISU young people, which include food, toiletries, and baby supplies. 

    In Massachusetts...
    We Spend $14,000 a year to education a child
    We spend $53,000 a Year to Incarcerate an Individual
    We Can Do Better!
    In Lawrence...
    73% of residents speak a language other than English at home, impacting education & earning power
    We Can Do Better!
    In Lawrence
    Average Monthly Rent is $2,200/month.
    Average Monthly Income is $1,800
    We Can Do Better! 
    • merik4
      Growing up in Lawrence, Merik felt like an outcast for much of his adolescence. In school, he struggled to focus on academics, instead finding and causing trouble. He became a “tough kid” looking for attention in all the wrong places. Merik found that attention selling drugs. After he was arrested, his relationship with his family fell apart and at 18, he was homeless. Despite searching for a change, he found himself back on the streets, running with a gang and selling drugs.
      Two years ago when Merik came to the SISU Center, he was focused on getting his life together. For the first time, he found real support and he excelled in personal and professional skills development. A combination of resources and money management skills helped him get back on his feet and earn a coveted spot in the Skills Build Training program. His time at Skills Build helped reinforce the drive to work towards achieving his long-term goals.
      Merik continues to be a positive influence at SISU, inspiring others to push themselves out of their comfort zones, because “your comfort zone is where dreams go to die.”
    • josanelys USCit
      Josanelys is originally from the Dominican Republic. She took ESL classes on and off at the Quintana Center from 2015 to 2018. She returned to take citizenship classes in 2018 and applied for citizenship. She passed half of the interview in July of 2019, but needed  more practice in speaking and understanding English. For the next several months, Josanelys came to the Quintana Center two to three times per week to practice. She was not just focused on the parts she needed to pass the second interview, but worked as if it were going to be her first interview. In addition to coming to the Center to practice, Josanelys used every tool she could find on the internet to practice speaking, reading, and writing.

      Josanelys’ determination paid off when she went to her second interview on 9/23 and passed. Josanelys was sworn in on 10/23.
    • cindia
      In 2009, Cindia was attending college in the Dominican Republic to become an accountant. Her mother had come to the US before her and had filed paperwork for her to come as well. She came knowing very little of the languages and culture. Learning the language has been a challenge for Cindia but knowing that learning the English is the only way she can achieve her American Dream, she has participated in the ESL program at the Quintana Center.

      When she came to the US, Cindia had to put her dream of becoming an accountatn a side, to help her mother. She began working low level in order for me to make a living. She has worked cleaning house/offices/hospitals; she has worked in factories. She had to put school on hold because “life is for those who work for it and want to achieve their dreams.”

      In 2018, Cindia decided to become a US citizen, go back to school start working towards “her American Dream.” Her American Dream consist of buying her own house, and becoming a daycare provider.
    • juan cut
      In just 4 short months with the SISU program, Juan was able to radically change his life. When he came to the  program, Juan had lost all hope. He was facing 3 felony charges and up to five years in the Department of Corrections. The Lawrence Superior Court Judge hearing his case told him he needed to immediately stop all gang activity and change his life. Juan heeded the warning and took the “worst thing that could happen” and used it as an opportunity. Juan found hope at the SISU Center and dove headfirst into bettering himself. He has shown respect and commitment towards the SISU program and his community. Juan was found guilty of all 3 felonies. At his sentencing hearing, members of the SISU team spoke on his behalf. Juan was given probation, contingent upon his continued work towards changing his life. Juan’s tenacity earned him a coveted Internship to Hire opportunity with the Lawrence Water Department, and he is hoping to turn that into a full time position. Juan is trail blazing through his success plan and truly a testament of what a second chance can do!

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