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 Since 1995, Lawrence Prospera has been a consistent developer of affordable housing in Lawrence

For over twenty years, Lawrence Prospera has been building single and multi-family housing units to be used as affordable housing for low to moderate income residents of the City of Lawrence. 

Lawrence Prospera's YouthBuild Lawrence has worked on eleven units which have contributed to the City's affordable housing stock. Working with the City of Lawrence's Community Development Block Grant Program, the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition, and the US Department of Labor, high risk young people are able to complete their High School Equivelency Degree (HiSET), while learning a trade and giving back to their community. Not only does the program create affordable housing, but it develops community pride, a sense of ownership,and self-confidence in the program participants. 

Lawrence Prospera's houses are generally sold at 20% below market value. Potential buyers will work with a real-estate agent or the City of Lawrence's Community Development Department to qualify for the low-moderate income, first time homebuyer program. Depending on the number of interested and qualified potential purchasers, Lawrence Prospera will conduct a lottery to ensure a fair and equitable process.

Lawrence Prospera/YouthBuild Lawrence properties include
  • 211 Jackson Street
  • 189 West Street
  • 165 West Street
  • 125 Bailey Street
  • 15 - 17 Cross Street
  • 4 Chardon Street
  • 51 Lawrence Street
  • 21-23 Bromfield Street

165 West
 165 West

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