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Lawrence Prospera has a proven history of providing rental property, facilities support, and administrative services to non-profit organizations and educational institutions in the City of Lawrence. From the early days of the Lawrence Youth Commission, Lawrence Prospera's original mission included developing a new generation of non-profit leaders and educators in the City's immigrant community. Training community organizers, future non-profit leaders, educational activists, and non-profit board members was at the heart of our early work, and helped bring about a non-profit renaissance in the City. Newer organizations built on our early programming and continue that work to this day. Sharing our twenty-five years of experience gathering and developing assetts throughout the City makes us an ideal partner for smaller non-profits looking to grow. 

Lawrence Prospera can provide space in one of our 7 facilities around the City, including a state of the art gym. Lawrence Prospera's administrative team is able to offer business and human resource services, while the facilities and food service teams manage the day to day operational needs of your program. 

As a Public School Turn-Around Public School provider, Lawrence Prospera is able to offer best practices to struggling elementary and middle schools, as well as social-emotional supports for programs working with high risk young people. 
                                                                                                                                                                Lawrence Prospera partners include:          

  • Lawrence Family Development Charter School

  • Community Day Lawrence Early Achievement Partnership Program

  • Casa Dominicana

  • Suenos Basketball

  • Urban College

  • Lawrence Public Schools