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Lawrence Prospera recognizes that to develop thriving neighborhoods, families  must develop the skills to create long term stability. 

Fluency in the English language and obtaining citizenship are incredibly important, but are just a first step towards long term stability. Lawrence Prospera provides workshops and classes to prepare Lawrence residents to support their families in today's economy. 
  • Financial Literacy: Through partnerships with local financial institutions, Lawrence Prospera provides a series of workshops focused on on building a financial future for yourself and your family. 

  • Employability: Lawrence Prospera provides workshops on resume writing, the perfect cover letter, and using technology to master the job search. 

  • Getting Hired: Lawrence Prospera parters with local employers to provide workshops on the job market, current openings, and the skills needed to fill those jobs

  • Certification: Lawrence Prospera provides training and certification opportunities for in-demand trades. 

  • Consumer Protection: Lawrence Prospera parters with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office to provide educational workshops focused on the consumer issues impacting Massachusetts residents; including internet scams, landlord/tenant rights, and labor laws.