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“Music can change the world because it can change people.” - Bono

SISU recognizes the power of music and the role that it plays in youth culture. Music can give a voice to the voiceless and a platform to the overlooked. 

Statistically, only .4% of artists are able to make a living off of their own music. However, those artists rely on other trained professionals to help them create their music, their style, and their brand. SISU BEATZ encourages young people to share their voice and their lived experience while providing them with the skills to present a professional packaged product to the world. The SISU BEATZ program encompasses three focus areas: artist development, sound engineering and production, and podcasting.

SISU BEATZ is operated out of the SISU Center's state of the art media center. Experienced music industry professionals work with SISU to provide the SISU BEATZ curriculum and prepare young people to operate in both sides of the recording booth. 

SISU BEATZ Curriculum

Introduction to Audio Engineering

  • Overview of the audio production process
  • Overview of Pro Tools software and its importance in audio engineering
  • Basic sound theory and acoustics

Setting up a Studio and Equipment

  • Studio design and acoustics
  • Overview of audio equipment including microphones, preamps, and audio interfaces
  • Connecting and configuring hardware and software in Pro Tools

Recording Techniques and Microphone Placement

  • Understanding microphone types and their applications
  • Microphone placement techniques for different instruments and sources
  • Recording and tracking techniques in Pro Tools

Mixing Fundamentals

  • Overview of the mixing process
  • Understanding equalization, compression, and effects
  • Mixing techniques in Pro Tools, including automation and routing

Mastering Techniques

  • Overview of the mastering process
  • Understanding the purpose of mastering and its importance in audio production
  • Mastering techniques in Pro Tools, including finalizing a mix and creating masters for different formats

Audio Editing and Post-Production

  • Overview of audio editing and post-production techniques
  • Audio editing in Pro Tools, including trimming, cutting, and arranging
  • Overview of the post-production process and its importance in audio engineering

Project-Based Learning

  • Hands-on projects to reinforce the skills learned in each unit
  • Opportunity to work on real-world audio production projects
  • Final project that allows students to showcase their skills and create a complete audio production


  • Summary of the key concepts learned in the course
  • Discussion of career opportunities in audio engineering
  • Final thoughts and feedback for future growth and development.

HOLA Podcast

During 2022, the SISU program launched season 1 of the HOLA (Honest Opinions with a Lawrence Attitude) podcast. HOLA provides young people the opportunity to create content that is important and relevant in their community. Young people the opportuntiy to book guests, write interview questions, act as on air talent, and mix and produce a final product. 

SISU hopes to launch season 2 of HOLA during the summer of 2023.